Product Design Interview at “Avo Automation — A division of SLK software”

P.S.: Feel free to excuse my over-excited face :p

Resume Shortlisting

Tip: Resume grilling (asking why and how of every keyword written in your resume) is a very common practice here. So make your resume accordingly.

Preparation for the Interview

Interview Round 1

My addition : Unnecessary fear among designers that technology will make them unemployed. To all the designers out there, I want to say that technology is just automating the manual part of our work so that we can focus on the creative aspects of our job. They are just liberating the human potential. So instead of being fearful, be happy and rock the world.

Interview Round 2

Tip: Last moment preparations give confidence so try not to avoid it.

The tricky part: If like a generic-bookish person, I would have said that “I will first empathize” so I might have gotten a negative point. As about a thing which I myself not aware of, How can I ask questions to people regarding that?

Apart from this, I will recommend that whenever you join a company, spend your time understanding the product and people involved in making that. That way you might hardly face this scenario of not knowing anything about the context.

Going above and beyond

Screenshot of my LinkedIn chat with my interviewer

Bonus tips :



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